August 31, 2006

The Koran and Hadrith, and other violent porn

New Labour is planning to criminalise certain types of porn, because it might have interested somebody that later murdered a woman. Porn obviously being to sole motivating factor, and ignoring that access to porn decreases incedents of rape, dramatically. But then there where never any sexual murders before the internet. Oh no.

The Koran and Hadrith are claimed as inspiration for hundreds of murders each year, the murderers hoping their actions will lead to sexual gratification.

So lets ban the Koran and Hadrith. They depict and glorify a lot of violence; mass murder, forcing women into sexual slavery, as well as sex with girls as young as 9. They are known to have inspired vast numbers of killings over the centuries and are directly responsible for a legal system that kills hundreds every single year.

Lets ban the Bible, a book containing (and condoning) much violence, murder, even sexual slavery and genocide.

Lets ban satire, since Salman Rushdie's satirising lead to several deaths including his Japannese translator.

Lets ban dogs, because it was his neighbours dog that told Son of Sam to kill. He would obviously have never done anything violent where it not for the instuctions of his canine overlord.

Or maybe not.

Consuming fiction (be it pornographic, satirical, or religous) does not make anybody do anything. People are their own free agents, they can themselves alone choose their actions. It is actions alone that can cause harm to other people, so it is by actions that people should be judged. Not on something that might indicate that at some point in the future they may change their moral view of the world and could then, possibly, perform actions that harm others.


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